About Us

our history

our founder Cristina Carlino, invented the “lunch-time peel” which gave in-office results at home without any redness or irritation.  this approach is still true for every philosophy product. our dermatologic wisdom™ formulation principles guide us to create high-performance yet gentle products, even for sensitive skin with feel-good textures, because efficacy works better with joy.

our beliefs

at philosophy, we believe in focusing on the how and the why good skincare works. This is based on wisdom from our decades of skincare research, grounded in patented formulas and actives that don’t have to hurt to work.

dermatologic wisdom™ formulation principles

our philosophy is driven by dermatologic wisdom™:

long-term results without irritation, leveraging proprietary encapsulation, microdosing,​ vectorized delivery, or molecule grafting to:

1. target delivery for efficacy in a gentle way

2. amplify potency of actives

3. deliver feel-good textures