what it does

this daily facial serum acts as an energetic jumpstart for the skin, reactivating & restoring healthy bounce through in-depth hydration and collagen support so skin is supported to continuously perform at its best. philosophy’s patented vitality booster loaded with oxygen, plus molecule grafted vitamin c and hyaluronic acid are expertly delivered according to philosophy’s dermatologic wisdom™ formulation principle to optimize their benefits and minimize irritation for all skin types, including sensitive. skin looks bouncy, plumped, hydrated, and healthy.


• jumpstarts skin's vitality every day to help skin function at its peak with our patented vitality booster loaded with oxygen

• restore 10 signals of healthy, bouncy, renewed skin in one week



unbelievable results

saw immediate improvement in skin radiance*
agree skin feels cushiony in 1 week**
agree skin looks & feels plumped, revived and better rested in 8 weeks**
agree skin looks stronger, healthier, and more luminous in 8 weeks**

* based on a 8 week clinical testing with 34 subjects, age 31-65 in the US with 2x/day application.

** based on a 8 week consumer study with 106 women aged 30-65 with 2x/day application.

key ingredients

molecule grafted hyaluronic acid is fully skin-compatible while supporting its natural hyaluronic acid for lasting, in-depth hydration
molecule grafted vitamin c provides optimal collagen support in a stable, potent and non-irritating form
patented vitality booster renews skin's vitality so it functions at its peak. it is naturally loaded with oxygen, our skin’s living force and a vital element that helps skin cells to produce energy

how to use

begin with clean, dry face
unscrew cap to dispense
apply all over face. if more is needed, push the button to load dropper
use am/pm
our beliefs we believe in focusing on the how and the why good skincare works. This is based on wisdom from our decades of skincare research, grounded in patented formulas and actives that don’t have to hurt to work.
dermatologic wisdom™ formulation principles our philosophy is driven by dermatologic wisdom™: long-term results without irritation, leveraging proprietary encapsulation, microdosing,​ vectorized delivery, or molecule grafting.
philosophy believes that beauty products should be cruelty free we are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved. a global program, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements.